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I have had some professional photographers looking at my website and their comments are below:-


February 2014     Cai Priestley.  Wildlife and nature photographer

“I wish I was that good when I was 10 years old.  It’s great to see you’ve got a taste for photography at such a young age! Keep looking at other photographers work and your eye for a good photo will become stronger.  As long as you keep doing what you’re already doing you will get on just fine.  I wish you all the best and feel free to email me anytime:)”


February 2014 Ross Paxton. MA Photography   

“You are doing some great work. I love the shot of the deer in Richmond Park.  It reminds me of a great photobook called  ‘The Animals That Saw Me’  See website:-   Keep up the good work!"


February 2014   Simon Littlejohn . Wildlife Photographer & Cameraman.                “I think it is really great you have an interest in photographing animals and nature.  You could go on to do great things.  I will look at your sight more thoroughly when I have finished some filming.  It is almost Spring here an already the Vultures are incubating eggs and the Eagles (Bonelli’s) the one you saw in the short clip on my site is tarting up the nest in preparation for the female to lay her eggs.  I will send you an invite to my dropbox which will allow you to look at some of the other stuff I have filmed like the Male Spanish Ibex (wild mountain goats) crashing each others heads during the annual rut, just like the Red Stags in Richmond Park. Simon.”


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